Why book a professional pet photographer?

27th February 2019
Yorkshire terrier, schnauzer and poodle portrait

So why should I book a professional pet photographer I hear you ask?

After all you have a pretty snazzy camera on your phone…. Yes your phone can capture the moments, but can you see your black dogs eyes? Is your dog a fuzzy blur as he/she ran off after a ball? Are they looking up at you so their head looks a lot larger than their bodies? Are you nodding in agreement?

Like any other member of the family, our pets are a huge part of our lives. We love them like another child and know every little irk of their personalities.
So don’t they also deserve a shoot all of their own so you can get some stunning images of your fur baby to adorn the walls and fireplaces of your homes?

Eurasian pet photographer

As a specialist dog and cat photographer I have had specialist training on how to best light your black dog to ensure you can see their beautiful brown eyes. I also know that the pure white Westie also needs specific lighting. And as for cats…. it’s all about the eyes.

Persian chinchilla cat portrait pet photographer


I will come to your home so your pet can be relaxed in their own surroundings and set up my backdrops and lights. We will capture some beautiful images of your pet both full body and headshots. Once finished, you will have a beautiful piece of art you can display and treasure forever.

Fox red labrador puppy portrait pet photographer

Are you worried your pet won’t sit still? Please don’t. Like me, most dogs are food motivated and I also have an arsenal of noises I make that are guaranteed to get that cute head tilt. A lot of my pet shoots are spent with the owners in fits of laughter as I make all sorts of random noises!

For cats, it’s about waiting until they are ready and then getting their attention. I have a few tricks I’ve learned but I also know that most cats are posers and love the attention!

Believe me when I say, most of my pet shoots run a lot smoother than those with 2 year olds 🙂

So why me?

Well I was lucky enough to be shortlisted from thousands of entries into the The Guild of Photographers Top 10 Pet Images for 2018.
Sadly I was pipped to the winners spot by a friend and very talented photographer based up North (Jason Allison) but I was really chuffed to have been selected within the top 10.

Also, I have been awarded an industry accreditation for my pet work with the Guild of Photographers and absolutely loved producing the work for the images in the panel

So I hope I have addressed some of the concerns you may have about having a beautiful portrait of your pet. Please pop me a message if you have any questions at all.

I look forward to meet you and your fur babies and creating an image you will love.