What do I wear for my Family Photography Session?

2nd January 2018

I’ve been asked this a bit recently, so I thought I would wrote a blog about it and share some tips of what you could wear for your Family Photography Session.

Think about where your images will be displayed: Do you like bold colours or is your home more neutral? Choose your wardrobe to match and then you can ensure your images match your decor.

Limit bold prints and patterns: A lot of pattern in an image can be distracting and take away from the focus of the image…. you!

blond family

Coordinate colours but don’t match: Try to steer away from everyone wearing jeans and a white shirt. Mix up the colours of the tops or shirts a bit to add a bit of individuality.

Look for collections: I am a big fan of supermarket clothes for my little girl. They also tend to do lots of clothes (tops, shirts, skirts, dresses, legging etc) in a similar range of colours. 

Don’t forget to accessorise: Accessories add texture and depth to your images and a change of accessories can mean a totally different look! A bright scarf can be used to break up a block colour but also can compliment the background if outdoors.

Avoid characters: This shoot is about you and your children, not Peppa Pig! Nothing will date your images more than a character tee shirt.

Try not to wear all black or all white: In some lighting, especially outdoor shoots, details can be lost in white and black clothing. 

Think timeless: These images will be in your home for a long time. A classic wardrobe will mean they are timeless and don’t date. We all remember those fashion (and hair disasters) of the 80s!

Bluebell Photographer


I hope I have given you a few ideas so you can rock your family photography session. If you are still unsure what to wear, please pop me a message and I can help!

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