Top Tips for Phone Photos

26th July 2016

My husband took this photo with his phone a few weeks ago and I shared it on my page with the caption “The best camera is the one you have on you”. It got lots of attention so got me thinking…..

Top tips for taking photos on your phone

Most, if not all of us now have a smart phone with the capacity to take photos. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t carry around my expensive camera in my handbag, so the majority of photos I take of my friends are family are on my phone.

I was taking a photo for a friend the other day and she couldn’t understand why it was so dark (she didn’t want to use a flash) when I touched the screen at the darkest part, and suddenly the image was lighter she looked at me like I was some form of genius (I assure you I am not!) but it made me realise that not everyone is aware of the functionalities on your phone.

Now, apologies in advance if you already know this, but there may be something in here you find useful (these tips are based on an iPhone).

Finding Focus

If you are trying to photograph something close up, like an inset, a flower or even your sleeping baby’s beautiful eyelashes, it can be useful to tell your phone where you want it to focus. As a rule, a camera will always focus on the item closest to it, so on the face this would be the nose, and your subjects eyes would not be as sharp.

FullSizeRender copy

To prevent this, tap the screen once to bring up the square then hold it until the AE Lock appears (screen shot below). This means that the automatic exposure metering and automatic focus metering have been locked on your subject; to remove, just tap anywhere on the screen.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 21.31.16
(taken from Google)

Exposure – To lighten or darken images

If an image is too dark or too light (think of a person standing with their back to a window) you can fix the lighting before taking the photo (and without resorting to unflattering flash!) by using the yellow slider with the sun on it on the focusing square (see screen shot). Sliding up will increase the light, sliding down will decrease.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 21.31.04
(taken from Google)

The perfect selfie

Have you tried taking a selfie with friends but the button to take the photo is just in the wrong place?? Well, did you know you can use the up and down volume buttons to take a photo?? YES! You can now hold the phone as normal and use your index finger on a volume button to capture the shot. No more odd arm angles in your selfies!


Action Shots

Using burst mode (holding your finger on the button) will give you a series of shots in quick succession to capture those fast moving moments. To view the burst, you simply select the first image and then it will open the burst. You can then tick the ones you want to keep and delete the dodgy ones.

iPhone photo of a girl and a dog

Shoot from different angles

Get down low and photograph your children. My biggest tip is to get on their level so you are at their eye level. If you don’t, all of the images will have a slight distortion with a bigger head and shorter body as you are higher up!

Capture everything!

Life moves quickly and before we know it that face covered in ice-cream has grown up. That moment you made your friend laugh so hard that wine came down her nose is gone and that photo of Nanny and her great grand-child is precious.

We are so lucky we have a camera with us at all times, so take photos of every moment. Delete the ones that aren’t so great, but keep, and treasure all the rest. Digital is free and storage is cheap…. Capture those memories.

black and white close up of a sleeping baby

Smily 4 year old