Tips for your wedding day!

5th January 2019

Over my years as a wedding photographer, I have picked up a few tips that all brides and grooms should know. I’ve heave learned these from being a bride myself, but also from some amazing make-up artists, wedding planners and even a Master of Ceremony!

So, if you’re big day is coming up, hopefully one or two of these tips will prove useful.

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1 . Get a good night’s sleep…..

Yes. Sounds obviously but you would be amazed the number of brides and grooms that stay up late having drinks with their friends. Make-up can cover bags but do you really want to be tired on your big day? If you think you can be easily led, ask one of your bridemaids or your best man to ensure you stick to your pre-agreed curfew.

2.Eat breakfast…..

Again, sounds obvious, but you would be amazed when nerves and excitement kick in how quickly your appetite disappears. You don’t want to be saying your vows over the rumble of your tummy!

A side note for the boys….. if you are having a drink before the ceremony make sure you visit the little boys room before you leave. There is nothing worse than needing to pee after a few pints and your vicar is rambling on! 🙂

3.Brides, wear a shirt or front fastening top while getting ready.

This will ensure you can just open it and remove it without messing up your fresh hair and makeup.
No 3

4. Brides, leave yourself plenty of time to get in your dress.

On the wedding day, it can take up to 20 minutes to lace or button a wedding dress. Make sure you have lots of time to get into your dress so you aren’t faffing and getting all hot. A crochet hook is also a really useful gadget to have in your arsenal. It will help loop buttons and laces easily and removes the risk of sweaty hands on your dress.

If you are being laced by hand, give your lacer-upper (that’s a word right?!) a pair of white cotton gloves.
No 11

5. If you purchase a new pair of shoes for your big day (Don’t we all???) Make sure you have worn them in.

A good tip is to wear them in sports socks so they stretch a little. You will be on your feet all day and they will swell a little so it will be useful to have a bit of space in your shoes and that should stop them rubbing and causing blisters.

And as you will be dancing the night away, maybe pack a pair of flats for the evening.


6. Brides, put your lipstick in your bouquet

Chances are you will want to top up your lippy during the day and the friend with your lippy in her bag is not around as she is at the bar / chatting up the best man / doing Gan Nam on the dance floor. If you pop your lippy between the stems of your flowers it will be completely hidden but also on hand for you whenever you need it!
No 2

7. Toilet breaks…..

If there are any men reading this now there is nothing here for you. You can just leave and come back at number 8. Go on now….

So, no doubt you will need a trip to the ladies room during the day. Picture the scene. You have a 20ft train and you have to bundle it all up behind you, piled on the cistern so you can spend a penny, or one of your poor bridesmaids has the job of holding it and helping you hover gracefully! But no! I have a tip that will save your dress and your bridesmaid.

When you enter the loo, lift the front of your dress (which is normally a lot less material than the back) and walk forward onto the loo so you are facing the cistern. Your dress can hang behind you, un-crumpled, and you can pee in private!

(a well known scene from "bridesmaids")
(a well known scene from “bridesmaids”)

8.Welcome back gents. This one is actually for you. Discuss speech boundaries

I have been to a wedding where the best man’s speech actually caused a few older members of the groom’s family to leave the room. The stories related to antics on the stag weekend and while it was a funny story, it wasn’t suitable for the ears of his elderly grandparents.
While your Best Man has to cause you a few blushes on the day, make sure he knows where the line is then no one can be offended or angry.


9. Get some time together

The day of your wedding will pass by very quickly and can all go by in a whirl of chatting to friends and relatives. Make sure you have a few moments together. I normally leave my brides and grooms alone after I have done their photos before I gather the groups as it gives them the perfect moment to stop, take stock and just be.


Bride & groom in autumnal orchard


This is your big day. All of your loved ones are in the same room and your favourite songs are on the DJs list. Hit the dance floor and dance the night away. Don’t stand by the bar and chat, get everyone up dancing and celebrating!

No 24

ENJOY IT!!!!!!!

Don’t stress the little things. Chances are that Aunty Mags doesn’t know you spent hours on your table plan and that fact she has just sat where she likes has messed it up. She probably doesn’t know that you agonised for days over the placement of the favours and whether or not a magician was the right thing.

At the end of the day these people are there to celebrate with you, and want you to have a wonderful day! Uncle Bob may stand on your train, and little cousin Poppy may have a meltdown during your vows but these things happen…..


No 22

Happy Wedding Day! xx

Bridal party in a landrover