Tips for perfect snowy iPhone photos

28th February 2018

Tips for perfect snowy iPhone photos

As we have a pretty significant dusting of snow at the moment I wanted to share some tips for perfect snowy photos taken with your iPhone.

Your Facebook and Instagram feeds are probably full of photos of your friends and their children having lots of fun in the snow, and you may notice some of the images have a slight blue or even grey tinge to them?

Did you know that the snow is actually a light source and a reflector and as a result will reflect the colour in the sky (blue or grey)?

So, how do you get those vibrant photos of your little ones with crisp white snow? Easy. A few simple tweaks on your phone’s editor (NOT USING A FILTER!!) will get you lovely crisp, sharp and vibrant images.

Step 1

Take the photo, ideally with the sun behind your subject. Also be mindful of the background, you don’t want it too cluttered as you want the focus of the image to be your child.

Step 2

Go to your photo on the camera roll and tap on Edit.


Step 3

At the bottom of the screen you will a circle with dots around the outside (not the filters… we don’t want to go in there)

Step 4

Tap the circle and it will bring up a menu with Light, Colour and B&W in it.

Screen shot of iPhone editing

Step 5

Tap the down arrow beside the light and select Brilliance. A grid will appear which will enable you to brighten the overall image. This will give you the lovely bright crisp snow. You may find your subject becomes a little pale, but don’t worry. We will tackle this in the next step.

Step 6

Next click on Colour and adjust so that the colour returns to the hat/ scarf etc.


And there you have it! A lovely bright white and colourful snowy photo!

Snow phone photo

Have fun out there but remember to wrap up warm!