The unplugged wedding – a growing trend and a welcome change – Wedding Photography

14th September 2017

We have all been lucky enough to attend weddings of friends and family, but in this era of social media, the bride can find her photo posted on Facebook or Instagram before she has even finished walking down the aisle!

As a wedding photographer, I have seen scenes like the below at lots of weddings, and am ashamed to admit, have been guilty of it myself in the past. But, the new movement to ‘unplugged’ weddings is creeping across the country and reminding people why they were invited to the wedding in the first place; to be part of the couples special day and witness them exchange their vows –  and not through a viewfinder or LCD screen.


To combat this problem, brides and grooms are going ‘unplugged’ and asking their guests to turn off their phones and cameras and just enjoy the day. The chances are the bride and groom have hired a photographer, and spent a lot of money doing so, and as such want the professional photographs to represent their day. Most wedding photographers will provide an online gallery to the images which the bride and groom can share, so the guests still get to see gorgeous images from the special day.

Another thing to bear in mind is the professional photographer. If there are lots of guests pointing cameras at the wedding party, they dont know where to look and as a result, the official photos can end up with people looking in different directions!

If you are attending a wedding and intend on bringing your camera, please be courteous to the photographer. Allow them to set up and photograph the image. I have had images ruined when a flash went off behind me causing a flare on my image. If you let the photographer do their job, chances are he/she will then step back and allow you to get a shot.

Another thing to remember, during the ceremony it is the photographers job to capture the vows, rings and first kiss. They do not want an image of the back of your head as you step into the aisle to take the shot! There is only one chance at these shots, so please bear this in mind and allow the photographer to capture the images the bride and groom would expect.

It is lovely to have images of your friends/family wedding, but isnt it nicer to really be involved and enjoy the day? Leave the camera at home, switch off the phone…. and just enjoy yourself!

Don’t let the groom’s first glimpse of his new bride be through a sea of phones in the air!