Taking great photos with your phone

6th August 2019

The summer holidays are almost here and no doubt you have lots of days out planned and you’d like to capture those memories. If, like me, you always have your phone in your pocket, then you have a camera with you at all times!

While a phone doesn’t have the technology of a digital camera at the moment, (I’m not about to retire just yet! 🙂 ) it does have some pretty funky feature which will enable you to capture some of your summer memories.

So here is a list of five tips that will enable you to get the best out of that camera in you pocket:

Clean the lens – Yes it sounds obvious but your phone lives in your bag/pocket and can get covered in fluff. Give it a quick wipe to ensure it is free from dust and prevent you getting ‘cloudy’ and blurry images.

Find the light – Mother Nature provides you with the best lighting – the sun, but in summer it can be harsh, especially when high in the sky around noon. Find top shade (a leafy tree) or use the sun behind to create a silhouette. Indoors, use window light, or even the glow from an iPad can illuminate a face beautifully.

Get down low – Most lightly your children are smaller than you so to avoid the giant head no legs look, get down to their eye level. I spend most my time at family shoots either sitting or kneeling on the ground. It makes for a much better connection with the viewer of the image, so down you get!

Play with composition – Don’t be afraid to experiment! The joy of digital is that you can take lots and lots of photos! Lie on the ground under a swing and have your child ‘fly’ over you, take a photo through a tunnel at your local play park, bounce on a trampoline and catch the ‘movement’. No idea is a bad one!

BE IN THE PHOTO! – I have blogged about this a lot but it’s worth repeating. Get in the photo. Take a selfie, pull a funny face, even use some funny Snapchat filters but get in the photo. These are memories for your children as well as you, so make sure you are also present in the images and not just the one taking the photo.

I really hope a few tips here have given you some ideas to be a bit more creative over the summer break. If however you’d like me to come and do your photos for you (shameless plug 🙂 ) then examples of my family photography sessions are here. I’d love to meet you and come along on one of your days out, and if duck feeding and ice cream are involved then even better!

Have a lovely summer everyone x