Seeing is believing?

2nd February 2017

They say seeing is believing but is it? We all know that the images we see in magazines are highly edited. How many people do you know that don’t have any pores on their face or have a waist that is smaller than the circumference of their head?

But, as our love affair with social media grows, so does the ability to edit the photos we take. I myself own an app that can transform my selfie from a tired and wrinkled Mummy to someone that resembles a semi attractive person who has had lots of sleep!

Even Snapchat has a beauty filter that takes an image that requires no editing at all!

There’s no harm in this really, we all love a filter, but as the Mother of a daughter it does make me wonder about the lessons we are teaching our children.

So, in an effort to show you how easy it is to manipulate an image in Photoshop, I have taken an image of myself, unedited, (scary…. I know) and using my fairly basic retouching techniques, transformed it.
I am pretty much self taught in Photoshop, so even with my limited skills I can slim myself, erase wrinkles and even my skin. Image what a professional retoucher can do!

So here is the video. It took me five minutes to lose a good stone off my face and remove 10 years of aging.

Perfection is perceived. We are all perfect in our own way. A very wise person once said to me, if you are about to say something negative about yourself (even in your head) think about how your children, best friend or partner see you. A piece of advice I need to heed more often but see yourself through other’s eyes. They don’t see the ‘imperfections’ you do.