11th March 2018

Free beer??? Not really. Sorry. Just wanted to get you to stop. My bad 🙂

While I appreciate that the majority of visitors to my page and website are the female of the species (I know this from some fairly whizzy analytics that Google and Facebook provide me), this blog post is for you menfolk. Yes you…. Scrolling through your phone and thinking “I’m not reading that fuffy blog”. Please stop and take a read, or ladies, share it with them! Sometimes they need the direct approach.


Relaxed outdoor family shoot with the dogs

I’m hoping I grabbed your attention with my sensationalist headline, (sorry about that!) so men, stick around and have a read. Promise I will keep it short and there won’t be any nagging or lectures.

A quick task for you…. For a moment, ask your other half to open her phone’s camera roll, and you open yours. I can say with a fair bit of certainty that her camera roll contains images of the kids, the dog, the dog with the kids, you, you and the kids, you and the kids and the dog. And who is always taking the photo?

Now, have a look at your camera roll. I suspect there are a few funny memes, a few questionable images that may have been shared in your boys WhatsApp group and also some of the kids, but, by comparison, are there any of your other half with the kids?

Maidstone Family Photographer

I’m forever trying to convert the ladies who visit my blog to be in more photos, but I know myself that despite how much we know we should be in them, we are more comfortable taking them. So, I’m passing the mantle to you.

Chances are you have your phone with you a lot of the time. If you spot your other half pushing your child on the swing, take a photo! Don’t warn her, don’t ask her to pose, just capture the moment.

If you spot her having a spaghetti fight with a weaning baby, take the photo! When she is reading a bedtime story to the kids and they are all snuggled together. Take the photo!

Yes she may moan her hair is a mess or she’s got no makeup on, but in years to come that won’t matter, what will matter is that you captured that moment in time and freeze it forever.


As I mentioned in my Are you Guilty? blog, I have very few photos of me and my Mam together before she passed away and it’s a huge regret I can never fix.

So men, your challenge, should you choose to accept it… Over the next month, take one photo a day of the people you love most in the world and freeze that moment in time.


Or, better still, let me take it for you (well, I have to give myself a little plug….) We can go to the park and have fun! No stuffy studio and forced poses. Lets kick a football, feed the ducks, blow bubbles, climb trees and have a laugh in the park and I will freeze these memories in time for you. Bring the dog too!

Bexley Family Photographer

So now….. I promised it wouldn’t be long so I’ll sign off. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it and I hope I’ve given you some food for thought. If I have, then please do get in touch and let me use my super power (I can freeze time you know!).

Fun family photo shoot in London