“Please don’t take any photos”

6th August 2019

Some food for thought as Sport’s Day season arrives.

“Good morning parents, welcome to today’s (assembly, sport’s day, nativity, other school event) could I ask, PLEASE DON’T TAKE ANY PHOTOS.”

You’ve heard it at lots of school events and no doubt think the school are being a bit of a mood hoover or a joy sponge. A few eye rolls and even the odd groan follow, but, there is something, very important, that you may not be aware of…

There could be a venerable child placed in the school, and this simple request is there to protect him/her.

When asked not to photograph or record a school performance or sport’s day. Please don’t.

It could be that a child in the school is adopted, fostered or has been removed from a dangerous and chaotic life and has been placed into care.

If an image with the child in the background of your photo is then posted on social media there is a chance the biological parents could see it and know the location of the child’s school. Putting the child and caring family in potential danger.

This child then has to pack up their belongings and move to a new home, new school, new carers, new life.
All because your photos was shared on social media.

Please follow the school policy, they don’t tell you not to record because they are miserable.
They tell you this to protect the vulnerable children in their care.

By all means, capture your memories (if permitted), but please ensure your child is the only one visible in the image.