“Don’t get my double chin!”

16th October 2018

“Don’t get my double chin!” is something I hear almost every day. I smile and reassure them that clever posing and shooting angles means that their chin/s will look amazing. And to be honest, more times than not I can’t see the ‘chin’ to begin with!

But, I’m a woman, and I completely understand that WE always notice the things that we don’t like about ourselves and that we think everyone else will. And, in truth that’s generally not the case. I have scarring from previous surgeries that I am sure everyone notices but if I were to ask friends if they ever have they would probably not have a clue.

But what if you are carrying a bit of extra weight as you’ve just grown a human. What if you do have a bit of a “Mummy Tummy” and are still a bit wobbly round the edges. I get it. You are so in love with this little human you’ve made but you don’t want to be in any photos with him/her as you’re not looking your best.

All new Mums out there. I beg you….. PLEASE TAKE THE PHOTOS! Like I said in my blog Free Beer and Are You Guilty? your child will be off to university before you know it and when they look back on the images of themselves as babies they’re not going to say…. “Jees, Mum looked a bit rough!” they are going to see the absolute adoration in your eyes as you look down at your precious little baby.

I’ve photographed a lot of newborns (over 200), and generally within the first 4 weeks, when, lets face it, Mum & Dad are not looking their best. They are sleep deprived, have bags under their eyes, are surviving on a diet of toast and biscuits and cups of coffee and the last thing on their minds is getting in front of a camera. However, I will always encourage them to have some photos with baby. My advise is to have them and not want them rather than regretting not having them at all. And guess what? Almost ALL of them chose some parent images when they see their final gallery. They don’t see their bags and sleepy eyes, they see their beautiful baby and the love they have for him/her.

You see, I know how to stand and pose you. I know how to photograph you and from what angles and if you’re really adamant you don’t want to be in the photo, then it can be just your hands. But please have the photos taken. Please capture the memories. You never know how important a moment is until it becomes a memory and a photo is a ticket back to the moment…..

Still don’t believe me? How amazing do these Mums & Dad’s look with their gorgeous babies? I have prepped them on clothing etc before the shoot and then on the day I pose and position them (and me!) to ensure I get the best shot. Wouldn’t you like photos of you and your partner and beautiful baby like these?


(Or let me 😉 )