Cake Smash Photo shoots – A fun way to mark a milestone!

15th June 2016

In the last few years Cake Smash photo shoots have become increasingly popular in the UK. They have been going strong in the US for quite a while but in the last two years I have seen a huge increase in the number of enquiries for this type of session.


So, what is a cake smash photo shoot I hear you ask?

Well…. It is exactly as it sounds and it is soooo much fun!


Basically what happens is I will come to your home and set up my mobile studio which includes a bright vibrant background and studio lights. The first part of the shoot I use large wooden letters O N E and capture images of the birthday boy/girl with the letters.



Once the nice shots are out of the way, we get them down to their nappy (I will provide a cute outfit to cover) and place the beautiful cake that my friend and very talented The Cake Fairy* has made and the fun begins!!

Initially they are not sure and will look at Mum and Dad to make sure it’s OK, but once they get stuck in, then the fun starts!


The girls will generally daintily pick the icing and eat it one piece at a time, whereas the boys are normally much more energetic! They claw pieces out and stuff great chunks into their mouths! I even had one little boy throw cake at me he got so excited! So funny and makes for amazing photos (even if I was picking cake out of my hair all day :-))

Once finished, I cut the piece off my backdrop, roll it up and take all the mess home with me!

Untitled 1
So if you would like to have a cake smash, please do get in touch!


*The Cake Fairy supplies all cakes for my smash shoots. Please visit her page to see some of her amazing work!