Are You Guilty??

10th January 2017

Ladies, this one is for you. Are you guilty of this??

During half term my hubby, my daughter and I took a two day mini break the Brighton. 

While I try to leave the camera at home when I have time off. I am still a photographer and can constantly ‘see’ images I want, especially of my daughter and so I become phone paparazzi Mum. 

I’ve just sat down to look at the photos I’ve taken over the two weekdays (so I can get some printed off) and I am not in a single one of them. 

Yes I know I’m taking the photo, but there is not even a selfie of the three of us together. So where is the evidence for my daughter when she’s older that I was even on this fun trip to the seaside?!

There are photos of my daughter alone, with the fish in the aquarium, her new friend Poppy (from Trolls) and even her and my husband. But not a single one of me. 

So I got to thinking. 

Sadly I lost my Mam when I was still in my teens and due to a fairly serious dose of acne in my teenage years, I avoided most cameras like the plague! The result. I have NO photos of me and my Mam together from the last 4 years of her life. If someone had told the 14 year old me that my Mam would not be around in four years time I would have taken a photo every single day, zits or not, to preserve the memories of our time together. 

Sadly this is a regret I can’t rectify but you can!

Photo at the zoo
(One of the only photos I have of my Mam and me together.. I was 6 years old)

So ladies. 

Honestly, how many of you are guilty of not being in photos because your hair is a mess, or you have no makeup on, or you’re having a bloated day?!

Guess what. Your kids don’t care!
I don’t look back at photos of my Mam and say, ‘Ooooh she needed her roots done’, I look back and see her smiling eyes looking back at the camera. It transports me back in time. I can smell her perfume and hear her laugh and remember standing to the side while the photo was being taken. 

In the future (hopefully a long way off) your children will look back on the photos of you together and remember that exact moment. They won’t care what you’re wearing or if you have messy hair. They will remember the moment. So make sure you are in it! 

So ladies (and gents!) as another half term approaches…. I urge you. Get in them! Regardless of hair, zits, make-up (or lack of!) or bread bloat. Get that selfie stick out or turn on the self timer and crack your biggest smile. 

Going forward I am going to heed my own advice and get my Pickle in photos with me!
Bless her. She is going to be driven crazy 🙂 

Some cringey phone photos – taken by Mummy.



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