Remember My Baby – Remembrance Photography

17th January 2018

A bit of a different blog from me this month about a wonderful charity I volunteer for; Remember My Baby.

This month, instead of sharing tips or images of recent sessions, I am speaking about a charity that share some of the most private moments with families, yet they are moments the families wish were not happening and that they will never forget.

This charity creates memories that will be stored in a safe place and looked back on in quiet and reflective moments.

Memories of a day when the world fell apart.

This blog is about the wonderful charity that is Remember My Baby (RMB).

RMB, through their nationwide network of volunteer photographers, offer remembrance photography, free of charge, to parents who have experienced the loss of their baby before, during or shortly after birth.

I am one of these volunteer photographers and I am honoured to have shared some very private moments with families in the hospitals and hospices of Kent.

I have been permitted to enter their world, as it falls apart, and photograph their beautiful angel babies.

I capture every detail, their beautiful faces, their pouty lips, their button nose, their tiny hands and feet and the bond between baby and Mummy & Daddy.

People often ask why I became involved and my honest answer is that I want all families to have beautiful photos of their children. Sadly some families won’t have the chance to have the first birthday photo, or the first day of school photo, as they don’t get to bring their beautiful baby home. So, if I can provide them with the precious gift of memories, then that’s what I will do.

RMB approaches its fourth anniversary in 2018, and as a result, myself and the other volunteer photographers are using the milestone to raise awareness of this wonderful charity.

The mission of Remember My Baby is to offer a service of baby remembrance photography to all parents suffering the loss of their baby in every maternity hospital and birth centre across the UK.

By spreading the word we can reach out to families where the service is not currently offered by the hospital but who can contact Remember My Baby or one of the regional photographers direct.

If you would like to know more then visit

Alternatively if you are a NHS Trust and would like to know more about the service and how to introduce into your maternity hospital or birth centre then email

The charity are always looking for more volunteers, and not just photographers.

If you are in PR and have an hour to spare each week, or if you are interested in helping fund raise for this charity. Please do get in touch.

If I could also ask you to share this blog to spread the word wider it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.