10 photos to take of your baby in the first month – Tips from a Newborn Photographer

29th April 2016

As well as being a newborn photographer, I am also blessed to be a Mum and I remember the moment my daughter came into the world like it was yesterday. I drank in every inch of her little face all scrunched up in the towel and inspected every piece of her perfect little body (counted the fingers and toes) and can honestly say I fell head over heels in love with this little miracle I had waited 9 long months to meet.

So, your baby has finally arrived and you want to capture every moment and freeze it in time. Whether it is on a DSLR, point and shoot or even your phone. Here are 10 images you should definitely capture within your baby’s first month.

1. Brand New

Chances are, as the Mum you may be a little pre-occupied with the task in hand so delegate this job to someone else. Be that Dad, your birth partner, or even one of the staff. Make sure you capture the moment your little one arrives. Birth Photography is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, so you could also hire a pro. If that’s not your cup of tea, then make sure someone in the room has a camera and captures the gorgeous ‘newness’ of your beautiful new baby. (Here are some phone photos of me and my Pickle just one hour after she was born.)

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2. With Daddy

It can be easy to forget about Daddy in the moments after your baby arrives. He could be standing in the corner a bit shell shocked or he could be overcome with the emotion of the moment. Whatever category he falls into, make sure you capture the moment he first holds his brand new baby and realises he will never love anything more than this precious little squishy bundle. Yes he may look exhausted and be having a bad hair day, but this moment is a special one.


3. With siblings

Once you get home and things are starting to get into some form of normality (I use that term lightly!) it will be time to introduce the newest member of the family to their older brothers & sisters. While initially there may be some trepidation, in my experience, they become super proud of their new baby and capturing this bond will be among the photos you will treasure.

No 20

4. With Mummy

Chances are you will be the one taking all the photos but don’t forget to be in the photos too! Phones now have cameras on the front, selfie sticks and some point and shoot cameras can use your phone as a remote so there really is no excuse. My daughter loves looking back at photos of me and her when she was tiny and I’m so glad I have them. Yes, I looked a complete mess with my eye bags, half brushed hair and tired skin, but they are memories I wouldn’t have any other way.


5. In dream land……

Newborn photography is truly an art form and to get those beautiful final images takes a lot of time, training, patience, and practice. You can always hire someone to take these or you (and here are a few tips on choosing a newborn photographer), or take some ‘lifestyle’ type images yourself. Capture baby in a deep sleep, all relaxed and dreaming big dreams. There is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping baby.


6. The Quirkness

Newborns pull the funniest of faces. They are learning how to use all these muscles in their eyes and face and can really pull some odd faces! When they try and focus on you and go a bit cross-eyed, the full on yawn that takes up their whole face, the frowns that crinkle up their little foreheads. Capture all these quirky faces.


7. Emphasize their tinyness

Photograph them on your big bed. Keep the background neutral so all the focus of the image is on your tiny baby.

8. Tiny details

Chubby cheeks, tiny feet, little hands, pouty lips, wispy eyelashes and those gorgeous squishy bottoms…these are the details that define a new baby. Capture every inch of this little miracle. They grow and change so quickly and these details will be priceless when it comes to looking back.


9.With special items

Do you have a teddy from your childhood? A special family item? Then these are the items you should definitely have in a photograph with your baby. Who knows, maybe when they are grown up and have children of their own they can re-create the photo!


10. Phone images

Not every photograph during this first month needs to be with a fancy camera. I always tell people I teach on my tutorials that the best camera is the one you have on you at the time. Better to capture the image than not. So if it means using your phone, then do it!
The majority of the photos I took of my daughter in the first month were on my phone. I made sure I printed them out using the Free Prints app, but until I was functioning as a human again (which was easily about 14 weeks in!!) a phone was about as technical as I could get 🙂

So there you have it…. I hope I’ve given you some inspiration. And if you would like some profession photographs of your beautiful new baby, and you think I could be the photographer for you, then please do get in touch.

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